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Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Caribbean Photo Contest Debuts November 1, 2007

Jomo Kenyatta, international photographer, and founder of Caribbean Photo Contest, LLC. announced today the premier Annual Caribbean Photo Contest. Over 1,500 college students throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and England are expected to enter their best photo images.

The photo contest will run annually beginning this November 1, 2007 to February 15, 2008, where contestants can submit up to five images for the first round of judging. A selected panel of CPC judges then determines the top 100 candidates. In the second round, the best images selected during contest entry will be posted on a website where the general public can cast their vote based upon listed criteria, The result will render (10) finalists who will win a professional camera package and a trip to Forres Park Resort, in Jamaica which is the location for the final phase photo seminar and photo expedition. The finalists will compete with their best images for scholarships and prizes.

A welcome reception, workshop, and photo expedition, will take place June 2-9, 2008 at Forres Park Resort in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. Activities planned around the Caribbean Photo Contest will take place in Kingston, Jamaica. Sponsors, judges and guests can warm-up at the golf course, spa, tennis, or shopping activities at the Hilton Kingston Jamaica. The awards reception, dinner, and photo exhibit will take place on Monday June 9, 2008.

American Airlines is an official air carrier for the 1st Annual Caribbean Photo Contest. For general information call 908-561-4062.

Clyde Allen
Allen and Partners. Inc.

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