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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Smokers Get A Technology Boost To Help With New Years Resolutions

By Ariel Weiner   

Reston, VA, December 15, 2004 -- Millions of Americans are searching for a way to quit smoking in hope of making their New Year’s Resolutions stick. Although many will attempt to kick the habit cold turkey, with nicotine replacement therapies or with herbal elixirs, veteran smokers have learned that quitting is not easy. This year, savvy smokers are counting on technology to get them through the rough spots in the form of a handheld computer called QuitKey.

The QuitKey approach to quit smoking culminates 20 years of research. It was developed and proven effective with grants from the National Institutes of Health and builds on the enormous success of LifeSign, a first generation smoking cessation computer that uses the same gradual reduction technology. QuitKey first tracks the smokers habit and then tailors a gradual quit plan that is just right for the smoker.

“There are a number of products available that attach a smoker’s nicotine addiction. The unique thing about QuitKey is that it addresses both the physiological addiction as well as the psychological dependence that keep most smokers from quitting.” says Al Behar, President of PICS, Inc., the makers of QuitKey.

Barbara Piazza of Bossier City, Louisiana smoked two and a half packs a day before she quit using the QuitKey approach. “It gave me the support I needed. It did the thinking I couldn’t do during withdrawal, and kept me on track.”

With the New Year’s resolution season approaching, there has been a rush of sales at PICS. “We always have an increase in interest during the holiday season.” says Al Behar. “This comes from both holiday gift orders and those people who make quitting smoking their New Year’s resolution.”

QuitKey was developed and tested with funding from the National Cancer Institute and has been proven to be the most effective, drug-free smoking cessation program on the market today. 

Arnie Moses of Reston, VA started smoking when he was 12 years old and maintained his 2 pack a day habit for 40 years. “The things that sticks with me most is that I really smoked for a very long time, with this product I really stopped smoking.”

Arnie Moses is not alone in singing QuitKey’s praises. Over 1.25 million people worldwide and counting have used the QuitKey technology to quit smoking. 

PICS, Inc. is a Reston, VA based research and development company that specializes in the use of computer technology to assess and improve health behaviors such as tobacco-use, diet and exercise. With a 20-year track record and having been the recipient of over 50 grants from various members of the National Institutes of Health, PICS strives to build products that combine applied science and technology to help individuals live longer and healthier lives.

For more information about QuitKey, call 1-866-QuitKey (1-866-784-8539) or visit www.QuitKey.com.

About the author:
As a health behavior technology company, PICS, Inc. is dedicated to developing superior products that address health behaviors such as tobacco cessation, healthy diet and adequate exercise, and insomnia, which are concerns for a large majority of the population worldwide.http://www.QuitKey.com

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