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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Right Cell Phone Plan

By Nancy Corwin

These days, there are many cell phone companies that want your business. They offer free mobile phones, attractive plans, and low monthly rates. But not all plans are the same. Some companies charge extra for calls made outside the calling area, while others charge for using additional features such as text messaging and photo uploading. When looking for a cell phone plan, you should decide what you need in terms of the number of minutes, special features, and unlimited area usage. This will give you a better idea of which wireless phones are for you.

When comparing cell phone companies, you should also compare cell phones, as they are not all created equal. While you may receive a free cell phone when you sign up for a wireless phone plan, the mobile phone may not have all the features you need. These days, many people need to purchase cellular phones that are in sync with their computer, can connect to the internet, and act as a PDA. Many times it is better to purchase a cell phone when deciding on a plan.

Cricket is a cell phone company that offers four different plans and a variety of phones to purchase when choosing a plan. Since people need cell phones when traveling, or when away from the office, more companies are now available that provide cellular service. You can choose to buy a cell phone that is expensive or choose a cheap cell phone model. Price is not always the deciding factor when buying a cellular phone. Cricket offers many discount cell phones when you are ready to buy a wireless phone.

With a wide range of Nokia phones available, you can purchase cellular phones that will last a long time from companies like Cricket. The Nokia N91 unlocked, Nokia E70 unlocked, Nokia 7370 unlocked, and the Nokia N80 unlocked, are all quality phones you can choose from. If you are looking for internet capabilities, the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet unlocked is also available. Buying the right phone is important for those who use it often.

A cellular phone is more than just an accessory, it is a way for you to connect with family, friends, the office, and in case of emergency situations. Choosing the right provider is important because you may need help from customer service, you may want to upgrade or change your plan, or you may want to purchase other mobile phones in the future. Companies that can adapt to fit your needs are more successful than those who overcharge or fail to provide excellent customer service at all times. Once you have found a provider you trust, you will be able to relax and enjoy your new mobile phone and the service you receive.

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Nancy Corwin is a freelance editor for Cricket Coupons. Read more and find great deals and discounts on Cricket Coupons products at couponcart.com/cricket/index.aspx?KID

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