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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dressing 4 $uccess For Women

by Kisha M. Morris


Here are some tips on how to always look polished and professional at the office:

Do choose the appropriate undergarments. Not all brands fit the same or feel the same. What looks perfect on someone else will not always look perfect on you. Undergarments such as long lined firm control brief will help to accentuate your shape and gives a more comfortable fit to your Career Suits and Pantsuit sets.

Do Accessorize. You can add some variety to your suit with accenting but conservative jewelry, scarves and a medium-sized belt to your wardrobe. Also choose a blouse or shell that offsets the primary color of your suit for a sassy look. A Burberry scarf or a pair of Burberry loafers are can serve well to accentuate the perfect pant suit.

Do Coordinate Your Shoes and Your Bag. The appropriate bag and shoes can add style to your professional wardrobe. Choose colors that pop against the more neutral tones of your base garments. In the workplace, it is most appropriate to wear more neutral and toned down shades of black, gray, brown, and navy blue. The more popular styles will afford you the opportunity to mix and match styles and shades in connection with your wardrobe. While it is important your shoes are comfortable you can still pick a shoe that sets itself apart with a special touch such as a buckle, bow, or bright color.

Do follow the dress code of your office. Even with a casual dress code, avoid short skirts, low-cut necklines, too-high heels, too-tight clothes, and anything bordering too sexy.

Do store a TIDE to go pen in your desk drawer for those unsightly accidental spills. Store an emergency white blouse in your office in case you spill coffee or even lunch down the front of yourself. These accidents typically happen when you have an important meeting later in the day. Do keep an extra pair of hose as well.

Do buy the clothes that fit your style and your lifestyle. Purchase washable two or three piece wardrobers that you can throw into the washing machine. Purchase good quality clothing that will last especially since you spend majority of your time at work. You are what you wear and your clothes should represent your personality, your style and flare. Buy comfortable shoes you can wear with many outfits.

Do not wear scuffed shoes or damaged heels. Purchase a travel size shoe polish kit for quick touch ups. Spend some time selecting quality and comfortable shoes depending on the level of activity during the day. Do not wear stiletto’s or three inch heels as most times, your feet will thank you later.

Do not wear overly short skirts above the knee. It looks very unprofessional when sitting and can become a distraction. Try to avoid deep splits as well as this can be too revealing in a work environment. While we want to create a look of our own, it is very important to maintain an appeal that we do not to attract extra attention to ourselves.

Do not wear hosiery with ruins, tears or holes in them. Purchase plenty of quality hosiery that will last throughout the week. Carry a travel size bottle of hairspray just in case you experience a ruin and are not able to reach your spare pair of hosiery.

Do not wear overly fitted clothing to work. Even though you want to look sharp, you may often feel uncomfortable and feel insecure about your clothing. Your suits should be comfortable and have room for a little expansion in the bust and waistline.

Do not wear overly baggy suits and dresses. Spend a few dollars to have the garment altered and tailored to fit your body type. Do not be ashamed of you figure. You want to look your best no what your size.

Do not overdress for the work environment. Do not wear overly busy suits or shoes in a professional environment. While you want to remain stylish and stand out from the crowd, it is unprofessional to wear busy outfits that could be worn outside of the workplace. Although, we do not want to feel conformed, the office has an image to maintain for their clients. You reflect your organization.

Know your body shape.

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