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Monday, October 8, 2007

Nobody is Perfect in Relationship

Written by: William M. Parker II
Edited by: Julia Wolfe

The people we’re in relationships with – our wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or boss - aren’t perfect. Unfortunately, sometimes people fall short of our expectations. I have
found myself very frustrated with people at times because of their
behavior. Maybe we planned to have dinner together and maybe go out to a
club together. Maybe they called to cancel and maybe -- for whatever
reason – they didn’t. Either way I was looking forward to their company and felt disappointed because they didn’t show up.

Now that we have talked about personal relationships, let’s talk about
work-related relationships. I’ve made mistakes in several professional situations and
I’ve seen people in management make mistakes as well. When I
made a mistake on the job, most of the time I quickly apologized. I say most of the time because it’s hard to admit our mistakes. I have come to realize that I am human and that means that sometimes I make errors.

Occasionally there has been a boss or coworker who blamed me for mistakes they
made. When this happened to me, I immediately became angry with them
because of their ignorance. After taking a few minutes to catch my
breath, however, I just let it go.

In order to maintain peace within ourselves, we need to continually
working on ourselves mentally and spiritually. Go with the flow of
things and, most importantly, don’t take things personally.

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