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Monday, February 4, 2008

What’s In Your Medicine Cabinet - Can Kill You!

Written: Makeisha Lee
Joboja Staff Writer

In light of recent celebrity deaths, (Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, and others), there is one question that must be asked by everyone; do you really know about all the dangers that lie in the drugs you have in your medicine cabinet? Daily, incidents are reported on about the adverse effects of prescription and non prescription drugs have on the public. Many on the market can cause death outright, when accidentally mixed with other drugs, or slowly over time.

Despite this, drug companies spend billions of dollars for television ads that promote to the public how safe and effective their medications are. Every five seconds we are constantly subjected to those commercials that spew propaganda like, “talk to your doctor if you have unexplained pain in your finger” and they will prescribe medication - X”!

In fact, advertising practices of these drug companies have gotten so outrageous that even the former commissioner of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), penned an editorial about drug companies, saying that television ads should never have been allowed by the FDA in the first place.

The fallacy that somehow these advertised drugs make you all better is, anything but the truth. The truth is - that non-prescription and prescription drugs do NOT make you healthier; they have the propensity to harm you and even can cause other diseases. How so?

Aprotinin - Front page of the September 2006 New York Times reported that the FDA issued a warning that this antifibrinolytic drug who’s manufacturer is “Bayer”, could cause renal failure, congestive heart failure and even death.
Vioxx –This dangerous FDA approved drug caused such horrific damage and loss of life that there was a jury verdict for $253 million against the giant drug company Merck.

We could go down the list of hundreds of dangerous prescription drugs and still hundreds more of dangerous non-prescription drugs that when either taken in high doses or when accidentally mixed, people are dying.

The astonishing thing is that the FDA approves these drugs and allows these commercials to promote various drugs as being safe and effective.

While in a crisis situation some can be effective in making a patient more comfortable by suppressing symptoms. In some instances they may be instrumental in prolonging life, but should only be administered sparingly and not for every minor ailment. So how can we be protected?

Be properly informed! With all of the recent deaths associated with taking these various types of drugs, look at it as a major warning sign, before you rush to get a prescription filled for some minor discomfort.
Find out what the root cause of your illness really is. Basic understanding of good health dictates that most illnesses have underlying causes resulting from nutritional deficiencies and toxic overload. Many times this can be through harmful things put into the body and/or through the environment itself.
Seek professional alternative and natural methods for treating your condition whenever possible. Homeopathic medicine is an amazingly safe and very effective alternative.

Appropriate information is readily available to empower you and those you love and care about, but we have to read and educate “ourselves”. It is believed that if you want to keep people in ignorance, put it in writing. We should all challenge that theory and gain all the knowledge we can - to take control over our health!

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