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Sunday, November 2, 2008

What's With Those Undecideds?

After a long campaign season, John McCain and Barack Obama have had ample chance to define themselves in America’s eyes—yet 4% of the country, a recent poll says, remains undecided. The New York Times spoke to a few of these “gray-state” voters to see what was holding them back; they noted good and bad qualities in each candidate, but remained tough to pin down.

“I’d say I’m leaning towards McCain,” said one. “For as awful as things are with this Republican administration, there’s something about the whole conservative thing that appeals to me. But maybe I’ll vote Obama.” Another said she was “disgusted with both sides” while her husband pointed out that “neither always speaks the truth.” Some spoke of flipping a coin, and one noted that the election seems insignificant compared with problems in her family life.

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