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Monday, November 3, 2008

10 Best Viral Election Videos

Viral election videos offer campy calls for change, seamless special effects, and more than a few celebrity cameos. Laughs aside, “over the past decade they’ve also impacted politics—sometimes changing the course of elections and frequently providing a few laughs in an otherwise wonky world,” Jeffrey Ressner writes in picking Politico's top 10 of '08.

Yes We Can: Will.i.am’s minimalist all-star Obama tribute "may be the most creative video of any type to emerge this year.”
Dear Mr. Obama: An injured Iraq veteran explains why war is a good thing.
I Got a Crush … on Obama: Sure, it’s surprisingly stupid, but it's responsible for scads of copycats.
Obama and McCain–Dance-off: Zany special effects and a credible challenge by OG (Original Governor) Sarah Palin make this a must-see.
Time for some Campaignin’: What would an election year be without Jib Jab?
The Great Schlep: Starring viral video queen Sarah Silverman.

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