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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Best, Worst Flicks About 'Net

Christopher Null, in PC World, has compiled his five best, and five worst, movies that are either about the Internet or use it as a plot device: The good:

The Matrix (1998): Keanu Reeves bends bullets.
Me and You and Everyone We Know (2005): Meeting people online equals comedic gold.
Hackers (1995): Campy cult classic that depicts hackers as heroic outlaws.
Startup.com (2001): Documentary about the rise and fall of dot-coms.
AntiTrust (2001): A "guilty nerd pleasure."
The bad:

The Net (1995): An unfathomably dated version of the Internet.
Swimfan (2002): Web killer stalks a swimmer.
You've Got Mail (1998): Feels like a two-hour America Online commercial.
The Chatroom (2002): Meeting people online doesn't equal comedic gold.
FearDotCom (2002): A site so scary it kills people.

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