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Friday, November 21, 2008

What Recession? Dubai Throws $20M Party

Rich and famous people from around the world avoided the recession blues last night by flocking to a ridiculously extravagant party on a man-made island in Dubai, Bloomberg reports. Boasting a performance from Kylie Minogue and a fireworks display that could be seen from space, the party was the emirate’s latest play to retain its super-luxe reputation even as massive debt threatens to burst its bubble.

In all, the party cost $20 million, which was split between the Atlantis hotel it was held in and a state-owned company. “We’re very aware that the economy is not great,” said the hotel’s owner, but he believes the publicity will be worth the party’s price tag. It seems to have worked for the host of stars who attended. “I’ll be back,” promised Michael Jordan. “I love Dubai.”

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