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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Signs He's Your Work Spouse

Everyone has friends in the office, but not everyone has a work spouse—a fellow worker of the opposite sex with whom one has a close, platonic relationship. According to Vault.com, 23% of workers say they have a work spouse. CNN collects signs that you might have one, too:

You hit up the same co-worker for your 3pm sugar fix.
You share a steady stream of inside jokes.
You have no qualms about letting the other know when he or she isn't up to snuff on appearance or even hygiene.
When something big happens in the office, guess who you go to first to talk about it?
Cream or sugar in that coffee? No need to ask.
You can finish each other's sentences.
You know almost as much about each other's personal lives as your close friends and actual spouses do.

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