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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saved by Zero? Or Sick to Death of It?

“Saved by zero?” Try bored. Toyota’s 0% APR ad campaign has left TV viewers annoyed—by both the jingle and the fact that it airs seemingly incessantly, AP reports. Though some might appreciate the extension of 0% financing, originally set to expire this week, most viewers are bemoaning the continuation of the “wrist-slitting” commercials. Toyota hopes the incentive will boost declining sales.

One Facebook group begging networks to “Stop Playing Toyota's ‘Saved by Zero’ Commercial” has 1,200 members. The ads are especially insidious during football games; Esquire’s football blogger said the campaign “has penetrated the nation's consciousness in a way political candidates only dream of.” Toyota insists the commercial’s been effective, but a marketing professor warns viewers may begin to tune it out.

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