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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ways to Cut Your Bills Down to Size

Spendthrift Americans from all rungs of the income ladder are taking a page from Scrooge these days, adopting new, cash-lite strategies to get through hard times, USA Today notes. They're managing to save by:

Hocking whatever's collecting dust in their closets: The average household has $3,200 worth of saleable goods, according to one estimate.
Eating at home, not in restaurants: No big surprise here; look to bulk grocery shopping to cut costs further.
Clipping coupons: This old-fashioned activity is on the rise for the first time in 15 years.
Avoiding credit-card charges: Layaway is making a comeback as formerly plastic-happy consumers are opting to pay with cash.
Doubling up on jobs: The number of Americans working a part-time job on top on their regular job is up 11%.
Postponing that vacation: Personal travel is down 1% as more Americans opt to stay home.

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