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Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to Meet a Guy….Part 3

Written by: Lisa Minns
Edited by Kate Kliner
Joboja Staff Writers

Welcome back to my experiment. I’ve worked my way through days 1-20 on the Cosmopolitan 30 days to meet a guy calendar. What have I learned so far? That I keep forgetting I’m supposed to be working on finding a guy. Oh and that apparently, according to Cosmo, there are gyms where men who would like to meet women take classes. I may have to look into finding one of those. In my gym, the men work the free weights and seems that only women take the classes. Oh well, are you just dying to find out how my last 10 days went? Let’s get to it.

Day 21-On your way home from work, stop in at a spot you've never been to -- a coffee place, for instance -- and start a convo with a guy. It's often easier to step out of your comfort zone and make a move when in a novel environment. Ok, so today’s mission was easy. See here’s the thing…I talk to everyone. Yep, I seem to start conversations with total strangers all the time. I figure that everyone has a story to tell and the only way to find out what it is is to talk to them.

Day 21-Call or email folks you met at your soiree two days ago to thank them for coming. People don’t readily hand out their contact info to complete strangers. Sure, they will talk for quite some time but when it comes to the contact info, not always as easy to get. Did get emails and myspace info from a few guys so I’ll send them a message.

Day 22-Coordinate a happy hour with a hot male coworker and agree to each bring a couple of friends. Just gonna have to skip this step. See, I’m an insurance adjuster and in my industry, there just aren’t that many men and the ones who are there are either married or not exactly in the hot category. I’m going to call my friends and have a girl’s night out with martini’s and appetizers instead. You never know who will be at place we decide to go.

Day 23-"Accidentally" bump into a sexy man when you're at the grocery store. It's an instant convo starter (hey, you gotta say "sorry"), and the physical contact from your little collision makes the exchange more intimate. Tried this one a few hours ago. Bumped into him alright. We almost both dropped everything we were holding. To say that he was not amused was an understatement. Not much conversation after that. I don’t think I’m a very good accidental bumper.

Day 24-ou're in the homestretch, so no matter how scary these next ideas seem, be fearless and give it your all. Uummm….isn’t that what I’ve been doing all along? Come on Cosmo, give me some credit here!

Day 25-Get a guy's attention with a gutsy move -- try sending fries to his table at a restaurant or buying him a drink. I tried this once before. My friend and I sent a couple of guys at another table drinks. Do you know that it took them almost an hour to come and talk to us! Decided that it was better to leave this move up to the men out there. They seem to do it better.

Day 26-After scoping out a men's store for good-looking guys, pick up a shirt and approach one of them. Say, "Excuse me. My brother's birthday is coming up. What do you think of this?" I don’t have a brother and I don’t like to lie. How about uncle? Could we go with that? Ok, off to the mall I go. Found my favorite men’s stores. Scoped them out. No men were shopping. Seriously! None! So, since I was there, I made a pit stop at Macy’s for a new pair of shoes and did a once around to check out the new lines at Express. Hey, I was there anyway!

Day 27-At this point, you're a pro at striking up conversations with men. So take it a step further -- you must give at least one guy your digits. Felt a little weird doing this one but hey, it’s for science, right? Met a guy at a card exchange party. Perfect opportunity. People are there to exchange numbers, right. Ok, so it’s the easy way out but that’s just how the days fell. Yep, go me, I gave him my business card.

Day 28-Dare yourself to hand your business card to a sexy stranger and ask him to call you. Didn’t I just do this yesterday? Yep, I did. Taking today off.

Day 29-Work up the nerve to talk to a crush — like a hottie who works in your building — and swap email addresses. I don’t have a crush on anyone. There is hot Tony who lives in my development. I’ve given him my number a few times but I don’t think that he’s quite caught on yet. Have to see if he’s at mailboxes or pool and maybe take a walk over there.

Day 30-Congratulations! You made it through man-meeting boot camp. We'll be shocked if you don't have a date tonight. Relax and savor the romantic rewards you've worked so hard for. Not so much. I’m sitting here in my jimmies watching TV. Oh well, it was fun trying.

So, Cosmo, while your 30 day guide is not fool proof it was a good time. I may not have met a man but that also could have to do with the fact that I kept forgetting I was supposed to be doing this so the days were not followed in a totally consistent pattern. There are some tools and tricks that I learned that I will take with me back into the South Florida dating jungle. My friends and I are still perfecting our “come hither look”. Work it! Work it!

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Lisa is a freelance writer living, working and dating South Florida.

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