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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sister Souljah's New Book

“Midnight, A Gangster Love Story,” is the title of Sister Souljah’s new novel. It is a PREQUEL to “The Coldest Winter Ever.” It is a teenaged love story, and a close up on Midnight, the mysterious and strong character from “ The Coldest Winter Ever.” It is a powerful tale of a foreigner arriving in Brooklyn at a young age and fighting, thinking, working, his way to new riches and new love.

Today, Souljah is a 21st Century multidimensional woman. From 1995-2007 she was the Executive Director of Daddy's House Social Programs, the charitable wing of Bad Boy Entertainment. She is the author of 3 national best sellers, The Coldest Winter Ever (Fiction), No Disrespect (Non-Fiction), and Midnight, A Gangster Love Story (Fiction).In 2008 within one week of the release of Midnight, A Gangster Love Story, Sister Souljah became a New York Times Best Seller entering the charts at #7

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