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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clean Up Your Credit - Three Easy Things You Can Do Now

It's important to clean up your credit before you try to make large purchases. You need to have a good credit score if you want to get the best rates on home loans, car loans, and credit cards. If you've let your credit score slide, now is the time to clean up your credit.

You may be feeling overwhelmed by the thought of trying to improve your credit score. This is normal. Most people think that it has to be some long drawn-out process. But this doesn't have to be the case.
There are three simple things that you can do today to clean up your credit:

1.Order your credit score. This is a must. You need to know what you are working with if you want to improve it. A lot of people have a fear of their credit score. Particularly if it's "bad". So they ignore it and hope that it will get better on its own. This is a big mistake. You need to find out what's on your score and what specifically is causing it to be low. If you don't know this information, you won't be able to fix it.

2.Fix any mistakes. Yes, mistakes do happen. And mistakes on your credit report are very costly. Once you've ordered your report, check it over to see if you can find any mistakes. If you do, it's important that you call the company to resolve the issue. Often, by simply removing these mistakes, you can drastically improve your credit score.

3.Pay your bills on time. Your credit report shows people how often you pay bills on time and how often you are late or delinquent. Late payments show that you are a risky borrower. However, if they can see that you always pay bills on time, you become less of a risk. If you don't already pay bills on time, it's time to get started.

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