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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cash-Poor? Hit the Blood Bank—and Get Career Advice

Blood and inner organs are hot sellers these days as donors line up to pocket quick cash in a plunging economy, ABC News reports. Seeing an increase in traffic, blood banks are campaigning to boost it higher, even offering resumé and job interview advice to donors. “It was definitely like: Give blood, get your resumé critiqued,” one California donor said. “Yeah, I can make that drive. That works for me.”

Hair and sperm donations are also rising, as are ovary donations, which can pay more than $10,000. "When the economy or unemployment rate starts slipping, we start receiving way more calls," a Chicago fertility clinic president said. "The calls and Internet inquiries right now are astronomical." But highly specific criteria for donors forces the clinic to turn away 98% of callers.

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