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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Men's Spring Fashion Looks on Bright Side

Men better get used to wearing pink, or at least orange, as menswear designers are hoping that a splash of color will get reluctant shoppers to open their wallets. Retailers are pushing bold shades for the spring season, the Wall Street Journal reports, and even labels that have emphasized traditional, muted tones are jumping on the bandwagon. "It's one of the key trends for us," said one fashion director.

While some worry that turquoise and coral aren't in keeping with the country's somber mood, retailers are hoping that the fresh look will jolt men into playing along. They're "out of options to try to get the customer to shop, so they have to be bold," says a retail specialist. Not everyone's sold. "I don't think in bad times men are going to buy the most outrageous, colorful items," noted another one fashion expert.

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