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Monday, June 29, 2009

Twitter a Delicious Marketing Tool, Restaurants Find

Restaurants are finding Twitter a highly useful marketing tool, allowing for direct communication with customers other forms of advertising can’t provide, the Boston Globe reports. Boston’s Tupelo (@tupelo02139), for example, used a Twitter feed to post updates as the restaurant passed inspections, set the d├ęcor and decided on a menu. “Our opening night was packed,” said a computer consultant. “At least half were there because of Twitter.”

Other restaurants have used Twitter to post daily specials, promotional offers and give a glimpse of life in the restaurant biz. “It’s instant and free marketing,” said the manager of L’Espalier in Boston—and it doesn’t require a lot of technological sophistication. “You could be a pizza guy at a greasy-spoon sending text messages from a 3-year-old cell phone,’’ said one restaurant critic. “It’s very utilitarian.’’

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