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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things to Avoid on Take Your Dog to Work Day

Tomorrow being Take Your Dog to Work Day, People Pets weighs in on what NOT to do if you want bring Fido back to your cubicle next year. Don’t:

... bring a stinky dog. “Hygiene needs to be a top priority,” says a Humane Society rep.
... wander the office with your pooch. It’s an office park, not a dog park—take her outside when it’s time for that.
… let your dog hang out in common areas. Your colleagues should be allowed to go to the bathroom without worrying they’ll run into your best friend.
… pretend you’re the Dog Whisperer. You may be pack leader in your house, but that doesn’t apply to co-workers’ pets.
… let your dog off-leash. No matter how cool people seem to think he is.
… wash his dishes in the common sink. Common sense. Right?
… bring along squeaky toys. If you think that dude from HR is annoying, imagine how the guy in the next cubicle feels about Fido’s George W. Bush plaything.

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