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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby Boomers Will Start Next Biz Craze

The baby boomers may be pushing 60, but they're primed to lead another "entrepreneurship boom" in America, Dane Stangler writes in the American. After all, according to one study, it's the close-to-retirement-age crowd—not 20-something whippersnappers—that has led US entrepreneurial activity since it last picked up in the mid-1990s.

With technology-driven businesses cheaper to run, and people either job-hopping or out of work, it's time for America's gray-hairs to save us from this recession. "Even if business formation rates fell within this age group," Stangler writes, "we would still have tens of thousands of potential mentors to the next generation of entrepreneurs." But with Americans living longer and healthier, boomers will likely lead the way.

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