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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ad Exec Scores as UPS 'Whiteboard Guy'

He’s an ad exec by trade, but Andy Azula displays his acting chops—not to mention his drawing skills—in UPS commercials so popular a rival is spoofing them. In the ads, the long-haired Azula diagrams UPS service on a whiteboard. FedEx recently launched a website that features a similar spot with an Azula lookalike, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Apparently familiar with the sincerest form of flattery, Azula doesn’t mind the parody but does say, "I think I have better hair." He got the job after his work as a stand-in tested better with viewers than actors’ auditions. Now he’s getting stopped on the street and winning acting offers from agents and indie filmmakers. But “I tend to pass them up pretty quickly. I'm an advertising guy,” he says. “This is just a strange anomaly."

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