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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sonos Zaps Tunes to All Rooms

A Sonos Music System has revolutionized the musical life of producer/director Barry Sonnenfeld. "It may be one of the electronic devices I can't do without," he writes in Esquire. What a Sonos can do:

It streams music wirelessly throughout the house, sending different tunes to different stereos in different rooms. Yes, you read that right.
Through Sonos, each stereo can access music on your computer, MP3 player, online music subscription, or Internet radio station.
You can operate the system on your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch.
Type the name of a radio host into the controller and you'll hook up to that show on the next available radio station.
"You can't imagine how many of my friends are amazed," Sonnenfeld writes.

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