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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Digital Polaroid Doesn't Have Same Charm

Polaroid may be out of the film business, but it's trying to reclaim its place in the market of instant photos. With the goal of winning back the hearts of nostalgic point-and-shooters, Polaroid has unveiled the diminutive PoGo, combining a standard digital camera with an onboard, ink-free printer. But FastCompany’s Cliff Kuang says the $200 PoGo falls short of recapturing the original Polaroid magic.

"Instant printing is here to stay, but I doubt the Pogo camera will catch on for a simple reason: The original Polaroids were alluring because you never knew what you were going to get when the picture finally appeared. And if there's anything that the digital camera has eliminated, it's unpredictability," writes Kuang. "That was the biggest draw of a Polaroid; with digital pictures, there's no anxious curiosity pushing you towards the extra step of printing."

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Marcia Robinson said...

My daughter took photos of her brother's band last night using her Poloroid. There is nothing like the fun teenagers can have what what they think are my "vintage" toys.