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Saturday, January 10, 2009

America's 20 Smartest Small Towns

America's brainiest small towns boast high property values and high culture. Forbes lists the nation's smartest:

Bethesda, Md.: Nearby Georgetown and the National Institute of Health draw brainy folk to Bethesda, which has a rate of advanced degrees five times higher than the nation's.
Wellesley, Mass.: Home to two private colleges and some of the state's top high schools, Wellesley is just 13 miles from brainy Boston.
Palo Alto, Calif.: Palo Alto's scholarly folk, drawn by Stanford University, maintain a median income here of $119,000.
McLean, Va.: Many officials and politicians are drawn here from nearby intellectual powerhouse cities Washington, DC, and Bethesda, Md.
Los Altos, Calif.: Pulls in some of Stanford's tenure-track faculty and probably has even higher property values than Palo Alto.

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