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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ledger Snags Golden Globe for Dark Knight

Heath Ledger has won the supporting-actor Golden Globe nearly a year after his death, earning the prize for his diabolical turn as the Joker in the Batman blockbuster The Dark Knight, the AP reports. The robot romance WALL-E won for best animated film today, while Kate Winslet won the supporting-actress Golden Globe for The Reader, in which she plays a former Nazi concentration camp guard in a romantic fling with a teenager.

Sally Hawkins earned the best-actress prize in a musical or comedy as an eternal optimist in Happy-Go-Lucky. Hawkins, a relatively unknown British actress and newcomer to Hollywood's awards scenes, was visibly nervous accepting her prize. "I'll try and get through as much as my voice and nerves and knees will let me," said Hawkins. Bruce Springsteen received the best song prize for the title track to The Wrestler.

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