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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Web Browser Targets African Americans

The web may be color-blind, reports Ars Technica, but a new Mozilla-based browser has been tailored specifically for the African-American community. The Blackbird browser, a version of Firefox 3 for Windows XP and Vista, features links that target black news interests, blogs, and resources. Search for “Barack Obama,” for example, and instead of Wikipedia and Chicago Tribune you'll see results from AOL Black Voices and Blogs.BET.com.

Though a targeted browser isn't revolutionary—think Gloss, for women, and Flock, which promotes social networking—its black color scheme and focus have prompted charges of racial exclusivity. But Blackbird’s CEO explains that the aim is actually “inclusion.” It’s an “identity browser” says Ed Young, and its objective is to bring the African-American community closer.

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