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Monday, December 29, 2008

Bright Spots for Tech in 2008

2008 wasn’t a great year for tech or the economy, but some gadget-makers did invest in innovation, the San Jose Mercury News reports. Areas where tech made more than token gains:

Digital cameras grow up: Not only are consumer cameras getting sharper, but some professional models can now record video.
Gaming shows a feminine side: More than half of Wii users are women.
The "digital living room" gets closer: Products by Sling Media and streaming Netflix service bring more of the Internet to your TV.
Smartphones become mini-computers: Apple's App store and a similar effort by Google make customizing your handheld easy and rewarding.
Social networking rises to the top: Not only did the Obama campaign employ the Web to orchestrate victory, but regular old sites like Facebook saw membership skyrocket.

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