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Monday, December 22, 2008

300K Have Sent Resumes to Obama (for 8K Jobs)

Barack Obama’s transition team has seen an avalanche of resumes from individuals who want to work in his administration, CNN reports. More than 300,000 have applied for 8,000 positions. Many are new to politics but have impressive careers, says one analyst: “High-level people in private industry want to go all of a sudden into federal government and be part of this administration.”

With applications being accepted through next month, the president-elect enjoys much more interest than his recent peers: George Bush’s transition team received only 44,000 applicants, while Bill Clinton received 100,000. The mountain of applications is “definitely a challenge,” said a transition-team spokesman. “I don’t think any transition has seen anything like this.”

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Noir Blanc Interiors LLC said...

I jumped on the opportunity immediately. 8,000 jobs is a lot of jobs!