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Friday, December 26, 2008

10 Places Already Feeling Global Warming's Heat

While some consider global warming a cautionary tale of things to come, its effects are already being felt all over the world, reports Scientific American. The worst-hit:

Darfur: The deserts have been crippled by a decades-long drought, and can no longer support farmers or their grazing herds.
America's Gulf Coast: Multiple hurricanes are sending scary signals of what we can look forward to.
Northern Europe: Right now warmer temperatures are ideal for wine production, but wineries will have to move to cooler regions if temperatures keep rising.
Australia's Great Barrier Reef: Going, going, and before long, completely gone. “As the reefs vanish, the fish will surely follow.”
Island nations: The nation of Kiribati became the first to declare its land uninhabitable, and is planning to evacuate the entire population.

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