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Friday, August 14, 2009

Job-Rich N. Dakota Lures the Unemployed

North Dakota, not usually known for much other than open space, has suddenly become a job-seeker's paradise. The state of just over 640,000 has 9,000 open jobs and employs a recruiter who works full-time to lure workers, the Washington Post reports. "In North Dakota, it is pretty much possible to do anything, anywhere," she said. One who answered the call is Janet Morgan, a 63-year-old from Ohio.

After months of searching for a position near her home in Ohio, Morgan recently packed her truck and drove 1,000 miles for a call center job in Bismarck. "I'm half-tempted to call this all a big mistake and turn around," she said. But she stayed. Within a day, she had purchased a three-bedroom mobile home—for $7,500—and started work.

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