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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Best of the Web 2009

Overwhelmed by the stream of new, powerful sites constantly emerging to suit every taste? Time picks 50 you should explore, if you haven’t already:

Etsy: “The long-haired, Birkenstocked love child of Amazon and eBay,” and the place to go online for handmade crafts, from housewares to clothing.
Hulu: The television industry’s answer to the music industry’s pirating troubles. It gives the people what they want, at the price they want—free.
Propertyshark.com: For prospective homebuyers who want to know what the agent won’t tell them. The site provides “price history, comparables, tax-roll information, flood and fire maps, and more.”
Flickr: Figured out an ingenious way to sort photos: “collaborative tagging.” With everybody tagging everybody else’s pics, they get sorted organically.
Academic Earth: Lets you go to college without paying tuition by watching lectures from schools all over.

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