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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Best Cities for Good Eats

Paris is for lovers—food lovers. The city came in first on a Forbes list of the world’s best cities for eating well, based on a 2009 survey ranking 50 cities. Notably absent from the top 10 are New York and London, which don’t boast much of a “local” cuisine. A sampling, along with some favorite regional dishes:

Paris: Steak frites; sourdough; chocolate tarts
Rome: Square slices of pizza with zucchini; gelato; Caprese sandwiches
Tokyo: Sashimi; gyoza; tempura; street food like Gyudon
Mexico City: Tamales; poblano; hot chocolate
Barcelona: Seafood paella; codfish salad; many different tapas
Madrid: More tapas; chickpea stew; hot chocolate; churros
Hong Kong: Dim sum; Tandoori-style chicken; wonton noodles
Beijing: Peking duck; beggar’s chicken; turtle soup; bear’s paw
Milan: The calzone-like panzerotti; charcoal grilled beef; pizza dough draped with prosciutto
Shanghai: Hairy crab; pan-fried buns stuffed with pork and gelatin

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