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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Undead Take Over College Campuses

Zombies are a growing scourge on college campuses, but fear not: They can be stopped with Nerf guns, pool noodles, or rolled-up socks. The game Humans vs. Zombies—“tag” for the 21st century—began at a college near Baltimore and has spread to some 50 campuses. “It really caught on to a degree that no one expected,” an organizer tells the Boston Globe.

But the game has sparked concern among those not in the know, disturbed by the sight of groups of kids in bandannas carrying giant fake guns. “In a post-Virginia Tech world, people very rightly take that kind of stuff seriously,” said a campus policeman. The game has even been banned at some schools. But, says a gleeful student, “basically, we get to act like kids again.”

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