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Sunday, April 12, 2009

In Recession, Teaching, Service Hot Jobs for Grads

The dream of pulling in big bucks just out of college at a prestigious Wall Street job is fading in the face of the recession, and early signs point to public service, government, science, and education as today's emerging hot industries, reports the New York Times. The economy, combined with the emphasis the new administration places on service, has created "a benevolent perfect storm" likely to shift recent grads' attention to public problems, says a Harvard dean.

In recent years, 40% of Harvard grads opted for finance and consulting jobs—but the downturn, combined with the "Obama effect," has shifted their outlook and will likely change those numbers, says a professor. Applications are up at graduate schools of government, as students begin to view government as part of the solution. “It’s been liberating, and lucky for me," said an economics major who now hopes to teach, “But your situation does dictate your preferences.”

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