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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life's a Beach? Not During Spring Break Recession

College students are refusing to let the economy throw a wet blanket on spring break, Time reports. They're just not going to the usual—and expensive—spots. Flights to the Caribbean and Cancun have sunk about 20%, as many revelers head for Orlando, Los Angeles or New York instead. “Spring break is a once in a lifetime experience, so they’re finding a way to do it,” said a tour operator.

Others are participating in service-oriented trips, which can cost as little as $300. Harvard’s program saw a 90% increase in applications. Even cheaper are so-called staycations when students remain on campus and help nearby nonprofits. One junior says, though, she’ll just stay home. “I couldn’t afford to go on vacation,” she explained, adding that the economy is forcing people to “pick and choose.”

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