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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In Job Hunt, Tech Boosts Old-School Networking

The best way to get back into the workforce is both time-tested and cutting-edge: networking. Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Twitter are taking the place of the old-fashioned phone call, Farhad Manjoo writes for Slate: "The most forward-looking job seekers have all but abandoned job-listing sites in favor of social networks." A 2009 survey found 27% of new hires came through referrals, and just 12% from listings.

Anecdotal evidence has convinced Manjoo that "old ways of looking for work no longer pay off." Social sites can be used to meet people who work in the same field or with a desirable employer. Self-promotion is key—even for those who have a job. "When you're looking for a job, do whatever you can to make yourself stand out," Manjoo counsels.

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