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Friday, October 31, 2008

Undecided Voters Agree: Choosing Is Tough

Undecided voters want one thing from John McCain and Barack Obama: a reason to vote for one of them—or not. “I’m waiting for one of them to shoot himself in the leg,” one torn Floridian tells the LA Times. "I just don't trust politicians," says an Ohio auto worker. The 11th-hour deciders last made a difference in 1960, but they could prove vital once again.

Undecided voters constitute 6% of Florida’s electorate and 8% in Ohio—stats large enough to possibly tip the election but also rouse the ire of fellow voters. “I just don’t trust politicians,” said an Ohio union member, while a teacher sighed, “If somebody would just drop the act, drop the script, have a candid moment. If I could ever see that.”

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