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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yankee Stadium's Greatest Moments

As Yankee Stadium hosts its last game today, the New York Post looks back at the greatest moments in “The House That Ruth Built." A smattering:

April 18, 1923: Seventy-five thousand fans cheer Babe Ruth's three-run homer on opening day.
April 27, 1947: Ruth says goodbye to the Bronx faithful, one year before succumbing to throat cancer. "People were crying," one fan said. "Especially the older men, which would normally not happen."
Dec. 28, 1958: In the "greatest football game ever played," the Baltimore Colts top the New York Giants in overtime.
Sept. 28, 1976: Muhammed Ali lands a still-controversial 15-round win against Derek Norton. "I still think I won the fight," Norton said.
Oct 18, 1977: Reggie Jackson cranks three homers to help the Yanks win the World Series. "As I went to the dugout" after the third one, Jackson said, "everybody who hated me loved me."
June 21, 1990: Nelson Mandela makes the Stadium his first international stop after 27 years in prison. "I am a Yankee!" he shouted, draped in a team jacket.
Sept. 23, 2001: Thousands of New Yorkers come together in the aftermath of Sept. 11 for an interfaith prayer service.

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