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Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Make That First-Date Movie Count

"The difference between marital bliss and a train wreck of a relationship is the difference between Charlie Wilson's War and Saw IV, " writes Peter Hartlaub in the San Francisco Chronicle. There's no overestimating the power of that first-date movie. How to walk the tightrope:

Bad isn't bad: Think brainless Matthew McConaughey bad, not brain-exploding Dane Cook bad.
No porn, dude: Seriously. You'd think Taxi Driver would have drilled this one home. Also, no Taxi Driver.
No epics: If Braveheart seems like an awesome first-date movie to you, study this list like a textbook.
No hot actors: If it's a choice between Paul Giamatti and Brad Pitt as your leading man for the evening, think about which one is substantially more attractive than you.

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