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Friday, May 15, 2009

Computer Science School Tries to De-Geekify Students

At Utah’s Neumont University, everyone majors in computer science and “geek” is a badge of honor, not an insult. But some at the school are worried that grads—though highly valued for their tech skills and nearly certain of landing jobs—might be lacking in other areas, the Los Angeles Times reports. So administrators have made classes on people skills mandatory and encourage social clubs.

One, the Gentlemen's Order, focuses on socializing with women, who are in short supply at Neumont. But a recent mission to score digits was a bust. “We got shot down as hell—it was horrible,” a member said. Still, many self-professed geeks love the atmosphere. “It’s a bunch of people addicted to sitting in their mom’s basement playing World of Warcraft and drinking Dr Peppers,” said one, as he drank a Dr Pepper.

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